Ready to sell dental brushes in just 10 seconds


The French company FasTeesH introduced a new design electric toothbrush in 2018. The company has started crowd funding for its preparation and has collected $ 655,000. Now Y-Brush has been offered for sale. Its supply has begun in January while it has Pre-orders are due from July 2018.

The windbrush has nylon fibers with a flexible shield to protect the gums on one side.

It has to be applied for five seconds with toothpaste applied to its fibers and placed on top or bottom teeth. This toothbrush is offered in three vibration modes. It is provided with a charging stand. Once the battery is charged it can last up to a month.
The company says its brush head needs to be replaced every 6 months.

The head company sells for $ 30. This brush is offered in two sizes, small size for 4 to 12 year olds and medium size for adults.

The kit for this brush costs $ 125. It has a handle, brush, USB charger, toothpaste applicator and storage container for holding two brushes.


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